What We Do

What We Do

We're playing our part in
recruiting for a better world.

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We've aligned ourselves to work
across five key specialist areas:

Business Support, Engineering & Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Life Sciences and Accounting & Finance.

We're playing our part in recruiting for a better world. We source talent that develops life changing drugs and therapies, all the way through to people who work along every step of the electric vehicle production journey.

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Life Sciences
Business Support
Accounting & Finance
75 years of building futures together

12 in 12 - CSR initiative

We’re running 12 CSR initiatives over 12 months.

We’re doing our bit to recruit for a better world. Our ’12 in 12’ initiative will see the Kelly teams take on an environmental challenge each month.

For ‘Bird Feeder February’ we asked the teams to brush up their photography skills, whilst supporting our wild bird populations. Our bird population has decreased 11% across all species since the 1970s. Wintering waterbirds are the most affected, with a 95% decrease.

The Kelly teams saw this as the perfect time to buy some bird seed for their gardens and lunchtime walks to make sure these birds have some additional resources.

Keep a look out for what we do for 'Meat Free March'…

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Recruitment is in our DNA.

So, whatever solution you're looking for, whether it's temporary sourcing, permanent hiring or payroll we've got it covered.

Our solutions are bespoke to our clients and built around your business needs. Take a look at an example of one of our unique candidate attraction videos, and click on the buttons below to find out more.

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