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Our Talent Care team cares about you

Our dedicated Talent Care
team cares about you.

They're a team set up to look after the welfare of our temporary workforce. Our Talent Care team, work to ensure that your employment experience with Kelly is the best it can be. From compliance to payroll they’ll be on hand to help at every step of the way.

If you have a query for the team you’re likely not alone. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions below.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always get in touch directly on 0203 040 1912 or email our Talent Care team here.

General FAQs

Pay & leave FAQs​

benefits FAQs

Training FAQs

General FAQs

Who should I contact if I have any questions relating to work, pay or AOB?
Anyone in the Talent Care team can help, simply call on 0203 040 1912 or email kellytalentuk@kellyservices.co.uk for support.

When can I get in touch with the team?
Our team are available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 17.30pm. For out of hours support please call and leave a voicemail with your name, number and a brief message.

I am not able to make it to work today, who do I need to call?
If you are unable to come into work for your shift, you should make every attempt to notify the Kelly Talent Care team at least one hour before the beginning of your scheduled shift on 0203 040 1912. If your call is outside of working hours then please leave a voicemail that states your name, number and the reason for absence.

You must then follow the Kelly client absence reporting procedure as specified during your induction with the client. It’s a good idea to ask your assignment line manager for a contact number during your first week so you can also get in touch with them directly in the case of absence.

I am going to be late for work today, who do I need to call?
If you are going to be late for your shift please contact the Talent Care team at least 20 minutes before the beginning of your scheduled shift on 0203 040 1912. Outside of working hours please leave a voicemail with your name, number and reason for lateness.

You must then follow the Kelly client lateness reporting procedure as specified during your induction with the client. If you have a direct contact number for your line manager, it’s a good idea to get in touch with them too.

How do I submit my hours worked?
All hours should be submitted via ‘Intime’ which is the Kelly Services online timesheet management portal for all temporary workers. During your first week, you will receive an email entitled ‘Welcome to InTime’, followed by a separate email containing your InTime Password. These emails will contain all of the user information and registration details you’ll need. Please register on InTime as soon as you receive this request to prevent timesheet input delays.

Once set up you can submit all hours worked into your online timesheets via Intime, please do this no later than close of business each Sunday to ensure that you can be paid efficiently the following Friday. More guidance on InTime, including information on annual leave and expenses, can be found in our full FAQ document here.

When do I get paid?
You will be paid 1 week in arrears every Friday. Hours worked must be submitted by close of business on Sunday each week in order to be paid the following Friday. Wages are paid via BACS transfer directly to your bank account, please ensure that you add your bank details during the ePaysafe (ePayslips) registration process on contract commencement so that you can be paid promptly.

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Pay and Leave FAQs

How can I see if I’ve been paid?
We provide an ePayslip service through our online secure web portal, EPaysafe. On the first Friday of your first working week with Kelly, you will receive both an email and a text message asking you to register with ePayslips. These will include a two-part activation code to set up your account. Once set up your payslips will be available to view every Thursday before your Friday payment.

I would like to take some time off, how do I book annual leave?
You can book your leave via InTime. You’ll first have to confirm your holiday balance via Epaysafe, our online payslip tool and then seek approval from your line manager before requesting the leave via InTime. A step by step guide can be found on our full FAQ document,here.

When does the Kelly holiday year start and end?
The Kelly holiday year runs from January to December and ends on the first Sunday in January.

What is my holiday entitlement whilst working with Kelly?
You are entitled to a minimum of 20 holiday days + 8 public holidays per year. In some circumstances, you may be entitled to more in line with a client enhancement entitlement. Please view our full FAQ document here for further details.

Am I entitled to Sick Pay?
In the unfortunate event that you are absent from work due to sickness, all temporary workers are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). For more information, please visit www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay or speak to the Talent Care team who will be able to support you.

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Benefits FAQs

Where can I find my P45?
If you have secured a new permanent position and have requested your P45, the P45 will be uploaded into your ePaysafe account. It can be located in the ‘Documents’ tab. Your ePaysafe account will remain active long after you have left Kelly in order that you can continue to access payslips and tax documents.

Where can I find my P60?
All tax-related documents can be found in your ePaysafe account under the ‘Documents’ tab.

You will receive a P60 providing you are still working for Kelly at the end of the tax year which runs from 6th April through to 5th April. All P60’s are uploaded into ePaysafe by 31st May at the latest.

Does Kelly offer a workplace Pension Scheme?
You will be automatically enrolled into the Government Workplace Pension Scheme (NEST) once you have met the qualifying criteria.

When can I join the workplace pension scheme?
Kelly are deferring enrolment by the permissible three months and therefore we enrol those who are eligible within their first 3 months of employment. More information on the eligibility criteria can be found in our full FAQ document here.

If you want to become a member of NEST before then, you'll need to let us know by contacting us via email at KellytalentUK@kellyservices.co.uk.

I don’t automatically qualify for the workplace pension scheme, can I still join?
In most cases yes, you can choose to opt into NEST as long as you meet certain criteria which can be found on our full guide, here.

If I increase my pension contributions, will Kelly match the enhanced payments?
Workers are entitled to increase how much they contribute towards their pension. Kelly will continue to contribute the minimum required contributions as set by the government which is currently set at 3%.

How do I find out more about the Kelly Workplace Pension Scheme?
If you'd like to know more about NEST, you can visit their website at www.nestpensions.org.uk or by searching online for NEST pensions.

How do I opt out of the workplace pension scheme?
You can only opt out of the workplace pension scheme once you have been auto-enrolled. In order to opt out, you must contact NEST directly which you can do so here.

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Training FAQs

Do Kelly offer any learning and development support?
As a Kelly Services Temporary Worker, we provide you with access to our learning and development platform that enables you to learn new skills. The most exciting thing of all is that you can learn at your own pace and it’s absolutely free. 

The Kelly Learning Centre (KLC) is delivered by Percipio. You will find unlimited access to courses and audiobooks on a wide span of topics, including productivity and collaboration, business skills, technology and development and certifications such as Project Management Institute (PMI), Six Sigma, SHRM, Ciscso and more. 

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