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Life & Life Sciences Episode 3: Deborah O’ Neil - Nova Biotics

Developing the next generation of antimicrobial therapies: Nova Biotics

In this episode of Life & Life Sciences, Stephen Gannon chats to Deborah O’Neil, CFO of NovaBiotics. Based in Scotland, NovaBiotics is a leading clinical-stage biotech company, which focuses on the design and development of first-class anti-infectives.

With over 20 years of her life dedicated to the cause, Deborah highlights the importance of her work in discovering and developing new therapies for infectious and respiratory diseases. The uniqueness of NovaBiotics is attributed to the fact that they focus on a range of diseases rather than singular targets.

The company has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the pandemic due to their clinical-stage product, Nylexa. This is a unique antimicrobial-immunomodulator set to treat Covid-19. This will also be issued alongside antibiotics to circumvent bacterial infections and drug resistance.

Deborah mentions how NovaBiotics transitioned towards the digital space in the wake of the pandemic in 2020. The company adapted to the times by engaging with stakeholders, collaborators, and colleagues through social mediums with unique content, videos, and animations.

The future looks bright for NovaBiotics. A wave of anti-microbial resistance is set to come behind Covid, and Deborah reassures us that NovaBiotics will continue advancing product candidates to a point where they are clinically trialled therapies for patients.

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