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How To Find A Job In 2020.

New Job, New Love, New You!

Having a job to love is one of the things that almost everyone desires. Everyone around us are always on the hunt for new opportunities, especially around the start of the year.

Between the end of 2018 and the start of 2019, unemployment fell from an
average 4% in December 2018 to 3.8% by March 2019.
If you have recently graduated, on the hunt for a new opportunity, or even just
want to improve your skills in job hunting, we have some tips that will help
you land your next career path.

Identify your skills. First and foremost, you would want a job that you enjoy. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will go a long way in finding a suitable role for yourself. You can even include what you like to do as leisure. What do you like doing in your free time? There may already be a job opening for what you do best, or something that you may want to enhance your skills on. After identifying your skills and interests, move on to
the next step.

The post-January budgets. The holidays and new year period have come and gone in a flash. The winter is always the busiest time of the year to find a new job as employers will be looking for new ways to develop their business plans and set new budgets for the rest of year.

Personalise your CV. Having found your skills and interests, it’s now time to put them onto paper. Each job will have its own requirements, so be sure to add skills that you have that may which could match the job description, even if you think it’s not relevant.

Network your search. Depending on the nature and level of job you are looking for, you should make time to widen your search for jobs. Platforms such as LinkedIn can connect you with the world full of professionals. With up to 25 million users from the UK alone, LinkedIn can get you in touch with industry experts and employers which will help massively in landing your next role.

Networking is a crucial part of any job hunt. Building a relationship with recruiters and employers will show that you are eager and ambitious for a new job. Want a recruiter straight away? Get in touch with us to help with your job search.

Prepare for interviews. Finally, make sure to do your homework when being invited for an interview. Study your employer. This will show your motivation and dedication to the company. Want more interview tips? Click here for more.

Each role will have its own timeline. We also recommend dedicating some time for your job search.

My experience. Whether you are a recent graduate or a looking for a new career path, finding a new job can be very time consuming. It could take some time to get the right one, which may make us stressed in the process. If this is the case, my personal advice would be to keep a positive mindset during your job hunt as well as a wishful attitude. Then the job you get may be beyond expectations. It could turn out to be not just the right job, but the job you could develop yourself in, rise through the ranks in the industry and you may actually look forward to coming to work.

After looking for a role all summer, I went from the brink of going back to university to now working as a full-time marketer in an office and have just recently been awarded a scholarship from that same University I was prepared to go back to.

So even though your job hunt may not go to plan, we wish it does at least go smoothly. To help you find roles and take the stress of job search away from you, Kelly is here for you.
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