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Starting With A New Work Crowd?

So, you’ve slugged through all those tedious applications, long-winded interviews and done what you thought impossible and secured yourself a job offer.

First of all, from everyone here at Kelly a warm congratulations are in order.

However, as the dust begins to settle, soon new waves of nervousness and anxiety will undoubtedly emerge and the ‘Whatif’ questions will start to circle your mind.

Starting a new job is always exciting, but at the same time it can be quite daunting. Whether you are  starting in a completely new industry or simply in a different department, change is always challenging.

According to the findings of a team of social psychologists at Canadian University Wilfrid Laurier, adjusting to a new job can take anything from three to six months. 72% of the 213 employees who said they were themselves at work took around two to three months before they were truly comfortable, and of this 72%, 60% felt they could only be their authentic selves after the three-month mark, and 22% after nine months.*

So, don’t be disheartened if you don’t immediately feel settled, the trick is patience and taking each day at a time. hhhhh

Always do your research and don’t walk in blind.

This helps you get accustomed to the goals the company is currently working towards and the values that they align themselves with. It also  generates an opportunity for you to reflect on how you are able to fit into the environment of the company and how you can make a difference.

This may seem over eager, however employers will see this as proactive and impressive; and it will help you get used to your work environment even before you step foot into the office.

It can also be a good idea to look at their social media accounts before joining, as well as their Glassdoor profile to ensure that you are up to date with the latest happenings affecting your new company.

Be curious and enthusiastic.

Ask smart questions to bosses and colleagues; Being curious helps you understand the company culture and helps identify those you may need to reach out too later down the line.

Take notes from day one, not just ‘mhmm’ and ‘yes’, note down any information of importance; it may seem like overkill  but it also will  come in handy and help you keep track.

Asking questions helps you to intuitively understand why the company does what it does in this way, and it notifies the boss that your thinking beyond your role.

Don’t take on too much!

Within the professional work environment, it’s easy to overpromise. It’s great to be keen but this often leads to taking on an overwhelming amount of workload and burning yourself out.

It may be difficult to say that it’s out of your scope, but it’s even more difficult to say you can’t do it once you’ve already promised you could.

Be realistic and know how long your tasks are going to take you, and always, always allow room for delays, as in any industry delays are inevitable.

Relationships are key.

It’s key to be social; talk to as many people, in as many areas as you can and start to build relationships. Get to know people you’re going to be working with, ask how their day is going, what their roles and responsibilities are. Familiarising yourself with the people around you, helps you integrate faster and lose the default title of ‘Newbie’.

However, know your boundaries.

Your work colleagues are not necessarily going to be your best friends, but developing a balanced work-relationship is vital to successes in your new role, as half the job is the relationship you have with the people you work alongside, and what’s going to make you thrive.

All in all, don’t overthink it, allow yourself to enjoy your new start.

Nobody knows what you’re truly capable of, so show them and surprise them through your work.

After all you got the job because they liked who you were and saw the potential that you could bring to the company culture.

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