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New Year's Resolutions: Why It's Important To Have A Goal

​Christmas is a great time for reflection – we can finally slow down and look back on what we have been up to this year. As a result, we often come up with ideas on how to become a better person. Indeed, every year, the majority of us make some New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, very few people manage to keep the promise that they made to themselves, with over 66% of Brits failing with their New Year’s resolutions within one month.

In this article we will look at the importance of goals and investigate the reasons why just a fraction of people manage to complete their New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions or goals?

One of the reasons why some people achieve what they want is because they set goals not simply New Year’s resolutions. Here’s the difference between goals and resolutions:

Resolution – ‘’a promise to yourself to do or to not do something’’ (Cambridge dictionary)

Goal – ‘’the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result’’ (Google dictionary)

The fundamental difference? A  resolution is just a promise, whereas a goal derives from our inner ambitions and efforts.

Why New Year’s resolutions fail?

In a nutshell, they are often too drastic. Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you will go jogging every single day? With your busy schedule, it’s not very likely to happen. However, this happens quite often, and it’s referred to as a planning fallacy, which means that when setting a goal, the reality is often overshadowed by optimism. We tend to overestimate time, cost as well as risks.

Kelly’s Tip

Be realistic. It’s good to set the bar high, but not too high. Otherwise, you will set yourself up for disappointment. Make sure your goals are SMART. Thanks to that, you will also avoid the negative emotions linked to failure.

Align the goal with your purpose. Many of us follow the direction imposed by others, or we blindly follow mainstream culture. Everyone around you decides to lose some pounds and at some point it becomes your resolution. Always ask yourself – are you going to be a happier person once you complete your mission?

Have a plan. Don’t just set goals – plan them down to every detail. Write them down and hang them somewhere visible. Don’t forget to review them every week and track progress.

Why it’s important to have a goal

Goals give us focus and sense of direction. Just remember to follow your own direction not other’s.

They also allow you to measure your progress. If you don’t have goals, how can you know whether you are moving forward or backward?

Finally, goals have instigative effect. Behind each goal there is a certain outcome that keeps us excited, works as an incentive and makes us do our best.


Life’s all about goals. Whether we aim to graduate, get married or get promoted, we all have a mission. Goals have undoubtedly a positive impact on our life – they keep us motivated and focused. To achieve all your goals, make sure they aren’t just a bare promise but the object of your ambition.

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