Video Interviewing (truFiles)

Video Interviewing (truFiles)

New technologies will banish inefficient (and awkward) first-round candidate interviews.

Welcome to the new breed of on-demand virtual interviewing.

The first-round interview is a critical way to assess whether an individual will fit into the culture and tempo of your organization. The problem: the time required to review 20+ candidates on the phone (or even worse, in person) delays the hiring process by weeks or months.

The newest concept of video interviewing is not about conducting a traditional interview via Skype. Instead a company asks job candidates to pre-record answers to a set of questions (with one or multiple takes) using a built-in camera on a candidate’s personal computer or laptop.

The idea behind video interviewing is to bypass the needless complexity of scheduling multiple one-on-one or group interviews with candidates and internal stakeholders; instead the hiring team reviews tapes on demand.

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