UK Salary and Engagement Guide 2014

UK Salary and Engagement Guide 2014

In theory, workers are paid a rate according to the value that they create for the organisation. However, we know that simply paying people more does not increase productivity indefinitely, nor does it guarantee increased engagement and retention.

Money is important, but it is not the only reason we turn up to work each day. It remains the key driver for attracting and retaining talent, but it is far from the best solution to engagement and retention issues. In fact, across the European region, our survey of more than 66,000 workers shows that work/life balance and career development issues rank high on employees’ lists too.

It is important to keep the numbers below in mind when we look at pay trends across the UK. If we step back and take another look at how salaries really motivate and retain workers, we may just come up with a better solution for rewarding talent (and a happier workforce too).
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