The first two steps of a great candidate experience

The first two steps of a great candidate experience

We respond to job advertisements for one purpose: to gain employment. Yet, the job on offer can only be given to one person. This means most of your candidates will leave the transaction empty-handed, and potentially dissatisfied.

We know now, however, that the employment equation doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, even if a candidate is not awarded the position at the end of their application process, the candidate experience needs to be one that’s worth their investment.

Candidates remember these experiences. Some even make future decisions based upon them, including whether or not they will apply for another role with the organisation, or if they will become a customer of the company in future.

For this reason, recruiters and organisations should treat the candidate experience as a deliverable that can be targeted, marketed, designed and tailor-made. If the experience is all that most candidates will walk away with, employers should ensure it is as positive and brand-affirming as it can possibly be.

The first two steps of a great candidate experience: 


First two steps to great candidate experience

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