The Candidate Experience Report 2014

The Candidate Experience Report 2014

This is it— the definitive study on the candidate experience.

The 2014 CandE Report from the Talent Board gives employers, jobseekers, influencers and solution providers unique insights into best practices for a successful recruitment process. Here are the key findings from our survey of 3000 candidates and 29 companies across the UK.

When the CandE Awards began just four years ago, it was difficult to name more than a couple of companies with a great reputation for positive candidate experience. Since 2010 a great deal has changed. Now, we know how and why a positive candidate experience is created. We also know the impact it has to the company bottom line.

A great candidate experience has four steps: Just over half of the candidates we surveyed (54 per cent) told us that their experience of applying for their most recent job was ‘very good’ (rated four or five stars). When we looked at those candidates, clear patterns about their experiences emerged. This is what they told us worked, and what did not.

The benefits of a best-in-class Candidate Experience (CE):

CandEs Findings 2014

About the Candidate Experience Award

The CandE Awards is an annual competition process where:

  • Employers have the opportunity to benchmark their candidate experience against that of other companies
  • Employers have the opportunity to participate in a third party survey of their candidates to see what they really think of their process

The CandE Awards is designed to provide every organisation that chooses to participate, confidential and specific feedback on how they can improve their candidate experience.

Kelly is proud to sponsor the Candidate Experience Awards, the only awards programme to provide in-depth analysis of the world's best recruitment practices. We know that a positive candidate experience is integral to good talent management. 

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