The 4 benefits of a best-in-class Candidate Experience

The 4 benefits of a best-in-class Candidate Experience

There is a lot to say about the benefits of a positive candidate experience for any organisation. The landscape in the war for talent is shifting. Candidates are quickly becoming the voice of many organisation's employer brand. As the talent playing field levels, organisations which recognise this evolution in the employer-candidate relationship and act on it will be one step ahead. 

The 2014 CandE Report from the Talent Board gives employers, jobseekers, influencers and solution providers unique insights into best practices for a successful recruitment process. 

When the CandE Awards began just four years ago, it was difficult to name more than a couple of companies with a great reputation for positive candidate experience. Since 2010 a great deal has changed. Now, we know how and why a positive candidate experience is created. We also know the impact it has to the company bottom line.

The 4 benefits of a best-in-class Candidate Experience:

CandEs Findings 2014 For more information about the findings, key recommendations and to discover how to benchmark your organisation’s own candidate experience click here