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Regulatory Affairs Career Path

Interested in law and have a scientific background? A regulatory affairs professional is responsible for ensuring the appropriate licensing, marketing and legal compliance of the products bought to market by their employer. It can take as long as 12-15 years for a new medicine to go from laboratory to clinic. The role of the regulatory department is to navigate the legislation, thus ensuring the product is safe and effective.

A good degree in a life sciences field is usually the minimum requirement for a regulatory affairs career. An understanding of drug development is also often needed. This makes it an ideal role to move in to from other roles such as quality assurance or clinical research and development. There are few opportunities at entry-level due to the existing knowledge that is usually required. The nature of the work is fast paced and high pressure. You’ll be required to keep up with the relevant and ever-changing legislation. Quite often, this legislation will be cross-country.

It offers exciting career opportunities within the regulatory affairs field. Once you’ve gained the skills and experience, senior roles such as Head of Regulatory Affairs open up. As might the opportunity to progress into consultancy work. Within the life sciences industry, there’s an increasing trend for companies to outsource regulatory services to experienced professionals. Whether you’re seeking a role as a Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist or Regulatory Affairs Consultant, if your skills are strong you’re sure to be in demand.

As the importance of regulations within the pharma sector grows, so too does the demand for Regulatory Affairs Professionals. The role is set to become ever more important. Especially as the industry looks to hire people who can respond swiftly and effectively to adapt current processes. This due to the changing regulations and legislation.

As both our candidates and clients well know, the science industry never stands still. Neither do we. Kelly is an expert in life sciences recruitment and our client contract base is broad. It covers pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, chemical, clinical and environment science organisations, and includes market-leaders and smaller niche manufacturers. 

If you’re looking to find a permanent or temp role within Regulatory Affairs then speak to us and find out how we can give you the edge you need to succeed.