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Careers as a Quality Control Analyst

If your friends would describe you as meticulous and you have an inquisitive nature coupled with a desire for uniformity, then a quality control career could be for you. It’s thanks to the people working within quality control that we have high such standards across business services and products. Something that is ever-more important if you’re employed in the life sciences sector.

A Quality Control Analyst is responsible for ensuring a consistent quality and uniformity amongst a company’s output. Throughout the manufacturing process a Quality Control Analyst – also known as a QC Analyst – will carry out tests to ensure that standards and are complied with before, during and after.

The majority of businesses within the Life Sciences sector will have dedicated QC departments. Within these, the roles may be divided up depending on what part of the process you work on. For example, a Raw Materials Analyst is involved at the start of production, a Finished Product Analyst works on the final manufactured product and an Analytical Chemist is responsible for analysing R&D samples using specialist equipment.

Due to the scientific nature of the role, a QC Analyst will most likely need a degree or equivalent in the sector they chose to work in. Likely chemistry, biochemistry or pharmaceutical sciences. The work suits someone with a methodical nature, who likes working with data and details.

If you’re interested in working within the Life Sciences sector then a Quality Control Analyst career is a good place to start. You’ll gain a wide range of experience through the variety of quality control duties you’ll be carrying out. From basic lab work through to compliance with industry standards and report writing. Within the QC industry, there are many routes to career progression – including roles as a QC Inspector or Supervisor. Advancement could also lead to a position as a Quality Assurance Technician or Manager – and the skill set required for this role is much in demand.

Kelly Services can help support you in your quality control career within the Life Sciences sector. Our consultants are highly engaged with the Life Sciences industry and ideally placed to help find you the role that you can excel in.


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