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Quality Auditor Career – Become a Certified Quality Auditor

If you have a thirst for always trying to make things better, smarter, quicker then you have the passion needed to be a Quality Auditor. The role involves carefully inspecting end products to ensure they meet all necessary standards and relevant legislation. A key part of the position is in planning and executing quality control audits to ensure that what is produced is safe and effective. A Quality Auditor career will usually involve working as part of a larger, quality control team, so teamwork and co-working skills are vital.

Due to the methodical nature of the job, excellent attention to detail is needed. Good problem-solving skills are also required to develop solutions to any problems that may be identified in the quality audit process. The role is a rewarding one – you’ll be actively involved in ensuring the safety of products for people to use.

Compliance and regulations have become key to the life sciences industry and so a career in quality auditing within this sector means being part of an important team. You may be using raw data to make your assessments and reviewing lab results and reports so a science degree is generally required. Previous experience within the sector will also be a bonus as it will give you a degree of understanding into regulations. For this reason, it’s possible to move from other areas into the role of Quality Auditor. There are also opportunities for promotion into leadership roles or other areas of quality control.

At Kelly, we can help you find Quality Auditor vacancies to suit your individual skill set. We will work with you to help you perform well at interview, using all of our in-depth knowledge and experience within the life sciences industry. We are thorough investigators – discovering exactly what our clients want, what candidates can expect from a prospective new role, as well as what their work environment will be like - so there are no nasty surprises for either side. 

If you’re looking to find a position as a Quality Auditor then speak to the experts. Kelly can help match you to the perfect role, with the perfect employer.