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Quality Analysts Career Path

If a little light bedtime reading is more likely to be a pile of scientific reports than the latest literary blockbuster, you have all the makings of a Quality Analyst. You'll be tasked with evaluating products, processes and services to ensure they meet a detailed set of standards. You'll have superior analytical skills – the type that makes you question everything from your morning coffee to your colleague’s choice of greeting.

If you’re looking for a quality analyst career, above all else you’ll be focused on the quality of your company’s output. You’ll develop the tools and techniques that this is measured against while sticking within legal and industry guidelines and legislation. Communications skills are also vital. Reporting your findings to management through written reports and meetings will be a daily task.

Competency with computers is vital. If you chose to work within the life sciences sector – where there is a burgeoning need for such roles – then proficiency in science is also required. A degree in a science or computers is needed and ideally several years’ experience within data management systems. Career progression is strong in this field. You could make the move to other roles such as Senior Quality Analyst, Clinical Quality Analyst or Quality Assurance Analyst.

The legislation is constantly shifting in the life sciences sector and you must show a willingness to keep abreast of changing developments. In addition, the ability to work quickly and effectively while under pressure.

Kelly’s reputation within the life sciences sector is already strong for both candidates and employers. We pride ourselves on our matchmaking service ensuring that candidates are paired with a role where they can thrive and make a difference. We achieve this by going one step further. We guide every candidate through the application and interview stage.

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