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Find ​Professional Sales Careers​

Forget everything you think you know about sales professionals. ​Professional sales careers​ are far  removed from the stereotypical second-hand car salesman to a career choice that is fast-paced,  goal-orientated and can come with big rewards.

What Is Sales?

Working within sales, it will be your job to sell – whether that’s shoes, cleaning services or  advertising space. Sales professionals are focused on building relationships and in doing so can  also overcome customer objections, negotiate on prices and terms and help a company’s bottom  line.    Sales are often the customers first real interaction with the business. You will find yourself on the  front line, representing your business’ goals, ethos and strategy in acquiring new clients or  customers. 

What’s The Outlook For The Sector?

Sales departments are cross-sector which means the outlook of the role can be largely dependent  on the sector you’re selling in. But, most companies rely on sales to generate profits and so there will always be a need for successful sales professionals. We’ve already seen a trend towards  online sales and now companies are looking to make customer care their key differentiator.   

Is It The Right Career For Me?

A career in professional sales can be highly pressured – you’ll typically be working to set and hit  targets which may be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. You’ll need to be a people-person as this  career is all about building relationships and being able to close deals. A good salesperson is more  than someone who can take orders – they can drum up excitement about a product or service,  extol its virtues and convince people why they should be handing over their money.     

What Skills And Experience Are Required and What Could I Earn?

You’ll need to be confident in dealing with people and strong persuasive skills will also be a bonus.  Key skills that you may need to call upon include negotiation, communication and initiative. To get  started in sales you won’t require any specific qualifications however a track record in sales and  strong figures will see your career soar to new heights.    The average salary for a salesperson is​ ​£21,246​, while a Sales Director can expect a typical annual  income of​ ​£61,757​. Depending on what level you’re working at you may be offered a basic salary  with bonuses linked to hitting targets.     

How Can Kelly Help Me?

Whatever industry you’d like to work within, Kelly can help find your next sales role. Our expert  recruiters have their finger on the pulse across industries and can use their global network of  contacts to find you your next move in sales.​ ​Get in touch with us​ to start that conversation.