Opening the door to talent in Natural Resources

Opening the door to talent in Natural Resources

Online talent communities are still a relatively new technique in talent pool management, but they hold appeal in certain markets and are gaining traction. An online talent community is an interactive forum where individuals engage with company representatives and other community members. They will be informed about the business as well as hear about potential job opportunities. This study focused on employer/company-specific talent pools.

Globally in Natural Resources, 17% of workers say they have participated in employers’ online talent communities. The average across APAC is 28%, considerably higher than in EMEA (9%).

Across APAC, there are very high rates of engagement through talent communities in countries including Indonesia (45%), India and Malaysia (both 25%), and China (23%). In EMEA, the UK (28%) stands out for its high level engagement.

The advantages of online talent communities among those who have participated (17% globally) largely center on access to jobs, cited by more than two-thirds (68%), but more important in EMEA (63%) than APAC (58%).

There is also an attraction to the idea of learning more about a company, cited by 41% globally.

A total of 37% say they like learning what it is like working for a company from current and former employees. This is much more of an attraction in APAC (41%) than in EMEA (31%). The idea of participating in these online talent communities holds a certain amount of appeal for many employees, offering a glimpse inside a potential workplace.

Globally, among the 83% who have no experience of online talent communities, 41% say they are either ‘very interested’ or ‘interested’ in becoming involved. However, there is considerably higher interest in APAC (51%) compared with EMEA (35%).


For more results on what employees said across the world in the natural resources sector, see the full report, Engaging Active and Passive Job Seekers in Natural Resources