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Microbiology Career

If you hold a fascination for germs, bugs and bacteria then a Microbiology career is for you. Simply put microbiology is the study of a range of micro-organisations – like bacteria, algae, fungi, parasites, protozoa, viruses – to understand how they live, grow and interact with their environment. However, a career in microbiology will offer so much more than that. The scope for microbiology is in making a difference in people’s lives, particularly in the life sciences field – the work you do is actively is saving lives and improving the health of millions of people.

Typically Microbiologists work within a lab setting – before they can begin to devise solutions they first need to understand how microbes work. Then they can use this knowledge, combined with their scientific understanding, to treat and prevent disease and develop new technologies. There are many fields of microbiology that often overlap with other areas of life sciences – such as immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. This makes it easy to specialise or to steer your career in certain directions, as work as a microbiologist is an excellent grounding for moving to other science disciplines.

To begin pursuing career opportunities in microbiology you’ll need to have a good honours degree in a relevant topic such as microbial sciences, molecular biology, biological sciences or similar. Some employers may also specify you need a postgraduate qualification too. Experience of working in a lab is important so if you don’t have this already investigate short-term research projects you can join so gain this. Some people may also be able to work their way up to a Microbiologist position from a role as a Laboratory Technician job.

Working as a Microbiologist offers good career prospects. You could choose to specialise in an area such as mycology or bacteriology; you could work your way up to reach Consultant level or you could use the knowledge you’ve gained on the job to enter patent work or pharmaceutical sales and marketing, for example.

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