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Medical Writer Jobs

Expert medical writing is both an art, and a science. It’s the art of taking research, jargon, quantitative data, and new ideas, and turning this into eloquent text for the right audience. It’s the science of getting everything spot on.

Medical writers must have unique skills in writing and editing content for a wide range of disease, drug, and service related topics, but they must also have the intelligence to fully understand these topics in order to write fluidly and fluently.

Whether you are looking to hire, or be hired, for a medical writer job, Kelly can help.

Regulatory and Educational Medical Writing

We work to place candidates in both regulatory and educational writing positions. All official documentation falls under the umbrella of regulatory medical writing – including but not limited to clinical study reports, protocols, and investigator brochures. On the other hand, educational medical writing can include sales literature for new drugs and medical devices, creating conference presentations, writing articles for medical professionals, and writing patient education booklets.

Clearly, promising candidates for regulatory writing will have slightly different skill sets to those who are ideal for educational writing – and vice versa. Our consultants are experienced in noting these differences and sending candidates for interviews in the best sector for them. 

How Can Kelly Help?

At Kelly, we recognise the unique skillset needed for clear and concise medical writing. Our proactive recruitment consultants are constantly searching for the best candidates to put in front of our broad client base.

We ensure that each and every candidate is well prepared, and well informed. Everyone from recent graduates looking for their first job in medical writing, up to highly experienced and senior medical writers will be supported by our consultants to enter a position that is right for them, and right for our clients.

Want to take the next step in your medical writing career? Check out our job selection or, get in touch with our recruitment team to find out more.