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Careers In Marketing: UK​ Opportunities and Career Paths

Do you find yourself influencing others’ opinions and purchases? Would you relish the opportunity  to work with data and unleash your creative side? Then it may be time to explore ​careers in  marketing. UK​ opportunities are vast and cover multiple sectors, given you the chance to find a  career that suits your skill set and ambitions.   

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the art of driving sales by promoting a company’s products or services – it may  include market research, branding, public relations, advertising or a mix of these. There’s a large  degree of analysis and strategy involved too – as new data is received you may be required to  change tactics appropriately. In essence, marketing is about understanding customers and what  drives them to purchase.   

What’s The Outlook For The Sector?

PwC report that the​ ​outlook for the marketing sector is bright​. It currently generates £36.5billion of  gross value added (GVA) and employees 415,00 full-time equivalent workers. UK organisations  remain optimistic that their marketing budgets will increase over the next two years – particularly those involved in exporting goods. A career in marketing can be very successful for someone who  is confident in approaching international markets and adapting strategies for them.     

Is It The Right Career For Me?

If you consider yourself to be an excellent communicator and enjoy exploring what makes people  spend their hard-earned cash, this could be a good career move for you. You’ll be working within a  team and will get the chance to explore your creativity. Marketing is largely data-driven, so you’ll  need to be comfortable analysing facts and figures and extrapolating relevant information. It can  be a fast-paced environment and on occasion, you may need to work additional hours. However, it  also is an industry where you can see the impact you have on results, making it hugely satisfying.     

What Skills And Experience Are Required and How Much Could I Earn?

Landing a job within a marketing department could be easy if you can display the right set of skills.  Specific training or experience isn’t usually a requirement to gain entry to the industry, although  more senior roles will require experience. Key attributes recruiters will look for include good  interpersonal skills, imagination, the ability to influence and negotiate, a creative flair, sound  teamwork skills and plenty of enthusiasm.    A Marketing Manager can expect an average annual salary of​ ​£32,957​, while a Marketing Assistant  could typically earn​ ​£18,399​ a year.   

How Can Kelly Help Me?

At Kelly, we recruit for a wide variety of marketing roles including media buyers, digital managers,  account managers and PRs. As the marketing sector is vast our skilled recruiters will carefully  match your skill set with your ideal role to ensure that you find a job you love. Search our​ ​latest vacancies​ and move your marketing career forwards.