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Life Sciences - Marketing Management Careers

Not all positions with the life sciences industry involve donning a lab coat and safety goggles. Companies within the sector will also need a strong marketing team who can promote the hard work they do and improve a brand’s reputation. Although it’s not essential, having a science background will make you a very attractive candidate for this type of role – you will need to be able to take on board information from a scientific perspective and translate it for the layperson. A previous career in life sciences will be seen as advantageous for this very reason.

Marketing management careers suit someone who has an outgoing personality with exceptional communications skills, and while a role within life sciences as a Marketing Executive requires a talent for science, with this type of position you’ll be conversing and interacting with people rather than poring over Petri dishes.

Good business acumen is another key skill. You’ll typically spend your days developing strategic marketing plans and putting them into practice, which could include client-facing tasks, market research, problem-solving skills, and research and writing skills. And all this needs to add up to generating profit, interest and a strong profile for your organisation.

Fortunately working your way up to a career as a Marketing Manager is relatively easy with some effort. Experience as a Marketing Assistant or Marketing Coordinator can all lead to promotion to the role. And from Marketing Manager, you could even progress further to Head of Marketing or Brand Manager.

A Marketing Manager will typically work on a product at key points in its timeline – such as its launch to market or a medical breakthrough. So the work can be very varied, with no two days the same. Typically the work is done to strict timescales and budgets and you will play a vital role in managing both of those successfully. For someone with an inquisitive mind and an affinity for science but who thrives on the social aspect of marketing, this career is a perfect fit.

At Kelly, we spend the time identifying what makes you the ideal candidate for a role and what you, uniquely, can bring to a role – whether that be a marketing career or not. We go further than just putting you forward for a role – we’ll also take the time to work with you and coach you for that interview to ensure you’re presented in the best possible manner. Our expertise within the life sciences sector extends beyond the laboratories into the many office roles that are vital to this fast-paced industry.

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