Making Life Sciences a Magnet for Talent

Making Life Sciences a Magnet for Talent

Following years of growth and favourable market trends, the global life sciences industry now finds itself facing a ‘new normal’. By any measure it is still a stand-out performer globally, and a key strategic area for the EMEA region. However, markets are changing.

Life science companies must adopt new business models to achieve the following:

  • Counter slowing sales growth
  • Stem profitability challenges
  • Deliver patient outcomes that reflect higher consumer expectations
  • Position the industry for future success and innovation.

Making these adjustments successfully will come down to individual companies’ ability to find, engage and retain the right people. For the most part, the challenge is about talent and the ability of each organisation, regardless of location, to source it.

Here, we look at the top five issues facing the industry and how organisations in the region can respond.

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