Job Change more common in Europe

Job Change more common in Europe

 Job changes more common in Europe

More Australians changed jobs over the past year than workers in any other country. Yet, when we look at the list of the top ten countries in terms of worker attrition over the year, Eurozone nations dominate.


In our most recent survey of some 120,000 people across the world, the Eurozone country that reported the highest number of workers changing jobs over the past year was France, closely followed by Portugal. It may be easy to jump to the conclusion that economic instability could be a factor in such high attrition, yet the appearance of the strong economies of Australia and Brazil in the top ten list seems to discount that theory.

Given the vastly different economic conditions that characteriSe each of the countries in the top ten list, it may not be economic stability, nor increased opportunity that is driving this trend in attrition. It seems more likely that broader cultural and generational issues are what's behind the result.

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