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Candidate Experience HR Roundtable Roadshow

Let’s be real here. Most companies really don’t give a shrug about candidate experience. Yes, it’s a topic that’s been making the rounds of HR and recruiting conferences for five-plus years, but only the most sophisticated consumer brands and companies with persistent talent shortages manage to do it well. And even many of those fail. Will 2014 be the year companies wise up?

Join us at one of our events in this exclusive series of breakfast roundtables in the UK and Ireland. We will be joined by Leigh Carpenter, Programme Director at the Candidate Experience Awards and Bill Boorman, founder of the global #tru events to talk all things candidate experience!

Supported by findings from the 2013 UK Candidate Experience Awards (CandEs), Bill and Leigh will lead discussion on what 'good' candidate experience looks like and what companies can do to improve. There is an opportunity after the event to stay and hear more detailed insight into the statistics and findings from the CandEs as well.


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  June 10th 2014   - The Kings Fund, London, W1G 0AN     




  June 11th 2014   - Hotel Indigo, Birmingham, B1 1RS     Registration:  


  June 12th 2014   - Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel, Manchester, M3 4JQ     Registration:  


  July 3rd 2014   - TBC     Registration:  


  July 2nd 2014   - TBC     Registration:  


  June 25th 2014   - TBC     Registration: