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Learn About The ​HR Business Partner Career Path​

Working within HR can be challenging but rewarding but if you’re looking to make your next move  consider carefully the direction you’d like to take. For a ​HR business partner​, a ​career path​ can  matter. While you may be proficient in HR and know your gender pay gaps from your CPD, to move  into a ​HR business partner​ role you’ll also need to have a strong background in business.    

HR Business Partner Role Profile?

A ​HR business partner​ works closely with the senior leaders of a business to develop an  appropriate HR strategy that is closely aligned to the business’s goals. It is usually the most senior person with a HR team, and they will often sit on a board to help shape the business’s future. A ​HR  business partner​ will have little to do with the day-to-day HR processes such as administration,  training, compliance, policies and pay and more to do with the bigger picture of a business. You’ll bring your HR knowledge to the role and use it to develop strategies for success that match up  with an organisation’s vision.     

What’s The Outlook For The Sector?  

Demand in the sector remains strong, particularly in some key areas. With data-driven results  becoming ever more popular and the technology powering this growing exponentially,  professionals who can bridge the gap between IT and HR are especially sought after.    

Is It The Right Career For Me?

Effective ​HR Business Partners​ will have a proven track record within HR but with a strong focus on business outcomes. The role suits strategic thinkers who can come up with solutions and can work across several different projects at one time. 

What Skills And Experience Are Required and What Could I Earn?

Communication skills are vital – you’ll need to be confident to convey messages and strategies to  upper management, and also communicate decisions to the rest of the HR team and employees  within an organisation. As well as people-focused skills it’s also important that you can deliver on  business outcomes as part of a broader strategy. Experience working within senior positions will  give you a broader understanding of the business that you can bring to this role.    The average salary for ​a HR Business Partner ​is​ ​£40,283​.     

How Can Kelly Help Me?

Kelly Services is at the forefront of HR recruitment. We’re here to support you in every step of your  career and have a strong network of HR professionals and organisations. Ready to make the next  move in your HR career?​ ​Find your next role with our latest HR jobs​ or​ ​contact us.