Don’t try to be everything to everybody

Don’t try to be everything to everybody

People want to be a part of a great workplace. They want to know how to get a foot in the door, and what it takes to be successful and achieve their goals once they’re inside. However, high-performing workplaces aren't for everyone, nor should they pretend to be. Sometimes, they’re tough places to be because of high expectations and demands from customers, leadership and shareholders.  

Great workplaces do great things, and great things don’t come easily. That's why it is critically important to tell this story through your employer brand to candidates when you are hiring. If you don't, they may not fully understand what’s required of them and you will end up with a disappointing quality of hire that could have been avoided.

As Nate Butki from the Great Place to Work Institute advises, try to be honest and tell it how it really is:  


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