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Data Science Careers – Data Scientist Career Path

In today’s data-rich world, more people than ever are needed to analyse and interpret the vast amounts of data that organisations collect – and great value is placed on being able to decipher this data and turn it into something useful and valuable. A Data Scientist’s role turns this data into information using machine learning and algorithms so that it can be used to meet a business need.

The required data science skills unsurprisingly centre around maths and IT – but you’ll also need clear, strong communication skills so that you can share your findings. A passion for problem-solving and analytical ability will also put you in the running for a Data Science Career. While a degree is typically required, being able to demonstrate strong quantitative skills and a logical and methodical approach to your work is also key.

Using the data you have available you’ll be working to identify issues and then developing solutions for them, you’ll need to be able to extract the right data from the right sources and use machine learning tools and sophisticated statistical and analytical techniques to help with your work.

Experience within data – and particularly emerging applications such as big data science - will be a bonus. You could move into the role from a position as a Data Engineer – whose main role is in the storing and preparing of data, or from data analytics. Coming from the latter you’ll already have the strong data visualisation skills and ability to interpret the data. A move up to Data Scientist means you’ll also be involved in formulating the questions that need solving, shaping the work you do, building statistical models and converting the data you have to influence a business’s outcomes.

It’s an exciting time to start your Data Science career path – particularly in the life sciences sector. While other industries – such as financial – have a long history of collecting and using data, the life sciences industry has only just started to embrace the potential that the data holds and use it in a manner to enhance drug development and patient care. And so new and exciting data tools and techniques are being seen in this industry.

At Kelly, our permanent placement prowess extends to niche industry sectors, such as life sciences and engineering. As the recruitment market has become more driven by specialisation, so have we. 

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