Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” didn’t exist in 1946. 
In 1946 it was called “doing the right thing.”

When William Russell Kelly founded the company, he certainly had a sense of responsibility, but the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” probably wasn’t in his vocabulary. Nor was he aware of the role his company would play in establishing the standards for the then-brand new, professional staffing industry. But the original Kelly Girl brand became a symbol for individual worker empowerment, personal integrity and doing the right thing by both our client partners and our workers.

Today, our CSR policy is very much institutionalized – engrained in and informed by our corporate culture. And so is doing the right thing. We acknowledge that, as leaders on a global scale, we have both the power and the responsibility to make our intentions known and to hold ourselves accountable.

We invite you to read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report below to learn more.


Download a PDF version of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Read our  Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement.