Confronting disengagement in Financial Services

Confronting disengagement in Financial Services

Employees across the Financial Services & Insurance sectors have seen a lot of career instability, dislocation and downsizing since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008. While conditions have improved markedly since then, there still remains a degree of fallout, reflected in the level of employee commitment to work.

Globally, less than a third (30%) of those in Financial Services & Insurance say they are ‘totally committed’ to their current employers. This has implications for workplace morale and productivity.

In the APAC region, this level of engagement (30%) is slightly higher than in EMEA (24%). Looking across countries in EMEA and APAC, the highest levels of engagement are in India and Norway (both 44%), Indonesia (39%) and Russia (35%), while the lowest are in Italy (3%), Hungary (8%) and UK (15%).


 Closely tied to the notion of employee engagement is the issue of how 'valued' employees feel.

Globally, 40% of Financial Services & Insurance employees say they feel valued at work, but with a significantly higher rate in APAC (48%) than in EMEA (37%). The highest rates are in Russia (58%) and India and Indonesia (both 56%), while the lowest are in Italy (16%), Portugal (26%) and France (28%).

This data is taken from our annual global survey about workers' opinions about work and the workplace. This year we surveyed almost 230,000 people across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.

For more results on what employees said across the world in financial services, see the full report here: Engaging Active and Passive Job Seekers.