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Clinical Research Jobs

Clinical research is one of the most interesting medical fields, and a job in this sector provides the rare opportunity to be involved in historical and life changing medical breakthroughs. 

Our clinical research recruiters keep their fingers firmly on the pulse when it comes to this sector, and work to fill positions in industries including pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and medical devices to name a few.


Why Choose Kelly?

Kelly are experts at matching clinical research candidates with the right clients to create long lasting careers. We can match talented candidates with clinical research jobs at any level – from entry level clinical research assistants, to associates, project managers, and higher positions.

Whether you are looking for a new role as a Clinical Trials Assistant or need our help to find the perfect Clinical Research Associate for your company, Kelly can help.

We have developed relationships with some of the most innovative and interesting companies conducting clinical research. Our focus on consultation and relationship building means that we know exactly what these companies need from a hire, and our proactive and investigative recruitment consultants are constantly on the look out for the right candidate to fill a position.

 Are you interested in being hired or hiring for a clinical research position? Check out our job selection or, get in touch with our recruitment team to find out more.