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Chemical Engineering Careers

If you have a passion for maths, science and studying how the world works then a chemical engineering career could be for you. With the current skills shortage in the STEM industry, there are plenty of chemical engineering opportunities for those who want them. Plus this role will provide you with a wide skill set that you can use to carve out the career you want.

A Chemical Engineer is tasked with the design and development of new products. They turn raw materials into things like medicines, petrochemicals or plastic. Modern chemical engineering careers also focus on revolutionary new materials and techniques, like nanotechnology and biomedical engineering. You’ll need a good understanding of the chemical processes involved in altering raw materials and so a relevant degree is essential. You’ll also need a thorough understanding of health and safety issues due to the often hazardous nature of the work.

Embarking on a chemical engineering career path is possible with the right background. Stepping up from research, process development or production engineering roles are all good moves into the position. You may choose to work as an Analytical Chemist within drugs manufacture, investigating substances and materials for their chemical properties. Or, you may prefer to specialise as a Quality Manager – where a high level of analytical prowess is needed to inspect final products to ensure they meet required standards. And there are lots of ways to progress too. The role makes a good springboard for those looking to move into leadership roles and it encompasses many industries too.

Kelly understands the market and knows the current work opportunities in chemical engineering. We are thorough investigators. We discover exactly what our clients want, what candidates can expect from a prospective new role, as well as what their work environment will be like. All to ensure there are no nasty surprises for either side.

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