Career networking in Life Sciences

Career networking in Life Sciences

Social media has become an important means of communicating with potential candidates, and a key way for employees to make critical career decisions.

More than a third (40%) of Life Sciences respondents globally rely on social media in their job and career decisions.

However, the APAC region is well above the global average at 58%, while EMEA is below, at 38%.

The most prolific users of social media in career and/or employment decisions are China (69%), Malaysia (67%), Hungary (66%) and India (63%).


The uptake of social media means that it is occupying a newfound place as a direct job search tool, particularly at a time when traditional print advertising for jobs is declining in many markets.

Globally, more than one-third (36%) say they are now more inclined to search for jobs via social media than through traditional means, such as newspaper advertisements, online job boards or recruitment companies.

APAC (53%) is well above the global average in terms of the use of social media for job searches. It is also well ahead of EMEA (33%).

In some of the fast growing economies of APAC, social media plays a prominent part, most notably in Malaysia (74%), India (63%) and China (53%).

The advent of digital and online communications has opened up a plethora of conversations about work and the workplace. Employers now have a number of avenues both to attract the most compelling talent, and to convey information about their businesses as preferred places to work.

This has made it possible to identify and engage passive job seekers who may be open to the right job at the right time. Employees have moved en masse to online job boards as the preferred vehicle for searching. They have also been quick to utilise social media in a variety of career and job-related discussions.

There is also a growing recognition of the role of online talent communities as forums for informed conversations with past and current employees, providing prospective candidates with valued insights into the workplace.

With the opening of multiple platforms in which to converse and exchange views, employers in Life Sciences have an opportunity to make a contribution, to highlight their core values, and to canvass a wider array of candidates.

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