Career Development Financial Services and Insurance

Career Development Financial Services and Insurance

Financial Services employees are in demand across the globe as the growth of financial planning, wealth management and improved financial literacy drive the uptake of services and demand for trained professionals.

Across financial services, banking and insurance, the focus on professional development has been accentuated by requirements for more rigorous regulation and client-focused offerings.

Along with the expansion of the sector, there is a strong focus on ways of harnessing the skills and expertise of individuals to improve productivity across the many platforms where financial services are offered.

This topic seeks to unravel some of the big questions occupying the minds of employees as they think about the ongoing process of managing life, learning and work.

What do employees really want from their employers? Where do they want to be in the next 5–10 years? Will the skills they currently have be sufficient to get them there? What are the best employers doing to help advance their careers?

The findings reveal how Financial Services employees are thinking and the forces that are shaping their career decisions.


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