Career Development - Kelly Global Workforce Index

Career Development - Kelly Global Workforce Index

KGWI 2014 2 INFOGRAPHICThis second instalment from the 2014 Kelly Global Workforce Index, on the topic of Career Development, looks across the EMEA and APAC regions to learn what workers are thinking about their careers and the skills that underpin them.  

The report takes an in-depth look at employee career aspirations, including the drivers of career goals and the factors that matter most in keeping employees engaged and productive.  

It also provides a glimpse into the world of career management, with insights on what the best employers are doing to invest in personnel, and the particular importance that workers attach to career development activities such as training, mentoring and skills development.  

According to the latest findings, over two thirds of employees haven’t had a career development discussion with their employer in the last year, and 42% feel they don’t have a clear career path available to them.   

The survey also showed:

  • When given the choice between advancing to a higher level in their organisation or acquiring new skills, 68% would opt for new skills.
  • As many as 59% would choose the opportunity to gain new skills over higher pay.
  • Businesses are failing to meet the demand for skills, with a third of employees admitting they are dissatisfied with the career development resources offered by their current employer. Employees in the food and beverage industry were most dissatisfied, at 52%, with representatives from the oil and gas industry following at 48%.    

With 34% feeling that they don’t have the opportunity to grow or advance their career at their current employer, many are taking matters into their own hands. 31% admitted that they have either sought out or paid for training themselves in the past year and as many as 67% disclosed that they will look for a new job in the next year.  

Commenting on the findings, Helen Palmer, EMEA Regional Learning & Development Manager - APAC & EMEA head of training at Kelly Services said,   

“In the current candidate-led market employees have the upper hand. Businesses must therefore ensure that in order to encourage retention, they engage their employees, offering the skills, training and support they need in order to help them progress their careers in the long term. Yet this is clearly not happening in many UK businesses; employees are eager to learn new skills but aren’t always being given the opportunity to do so and as a result, many are looking for jobs elsewhere.”

The Kelly Global Workforce Index

The Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) is an annual global survey revealing opinions about work and the workplace. Almost 230,000 people across the Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions responded to the 2014 survey.

The topics covered in the 2014 KGWI survey include:

  • Engaging Active and Passive Job Seekers
  • Career Development
  • The Candidate Experience from Hiring to On-boarding
  • Worker Preferences and Workplace Agility

Workers from a total of 31 countries participated in the survey, responding in 20 different languages. Results span workplace generations, as well as key industries and occupations. 

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