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Join us live at TruLondon!

truLondonKelly is proud to bring you live action from this year’s #truLondon unconference via our exclusive #truLive stream. Join us on Monday October 22nd and Tuesday October 23rd for live debates from leading experts in the recruiting and talent acquisitions world as they discuss the hottest topics affecting the world of work right now.

You can watch the debates live via our #truLive stream and make sure you follow our Twitter page to catch the best bits live from the event. We also have exclusive tickets to giveaway so register for your chance to join us live at the event.

What is the Recruiting Unconference?

The Recruiting Unconferences or TRU Events are a series of pure unconferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences. TRU events were founded in November 2009 and have since taken place more than 25 times on 4 continents, and is proud to be running its 6th event in London.  It is an opportunity for everybody to be an active participant instead of listening to speakers and watching presentations all day. TRU events have proven to be a great way to learn a lot in a very short time, but also to meet new people and network.

Who should attend?

Participants come from the 'people space', usually in the field of Recruiting (both corporate and third-party recruiters), Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Branding, Social Media, Technology Developers and others. #truLondon will feature guests from all around the world.

How does it work?

#truLondon will feature a minimum of three tracks, or debates every hour. The tracks are started by a 'track leader'- an industry savvy conversation starter who can kick off the debate and let it evolve wherever the participants take it. Participants are actively encouraged to move between tracks according to their personal interests. 

The Rules

  • No presentations
    • The best knowledge is in the room!
  • No PowerPoint
    • We want the eyes to meet in the middle and everyone to have the floor.
  • No pitching
    • People will buy from you if they respect what you say, not what you pitch.
  • No name badges
    • If you don’t know who someone is you should simply introduce yourself.
  • No dress code
    • We want you to feel comfortable and focus on the conversations.