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The viritual scientific workplace

Viritual Scientific WorkplaceThe days of the insular workplace may be approaching their end, especially in the science industry. As the need to address the global marketplace has arrived, most companies have found they must free themselves from the constraints of bricks and mortar. Additionally, this means embracing the knowledge sharing that is happening around the world.

As available economic resources continue to constrict at science companies around the globe, and as expertise becomes increasingly scare and yet more important for reaching business goals, access to collaborative, knowledge-sharing networks becomes vital.

A collaborative model in science can add great value and is now possible in our socially connected world. So, scientists—and the companies they work for—can now collaborate effectively and share their resources if they want to take advantage of this new environment, yielding for themselves a quantum leap forward in the advancement of their projects.

This trend is starting to shape virtual networks of all kinds within the science industry. This whitepaper, part of Kelly Service’s® series on the scientific workforce of 2020 and beyond, will explore how virtual networks are playing a key role in connecting the science industry and allowing companies to re-imagine their workforce models.

By Matt Lanfear, Global Life Science Practice Leader, Kelly Services

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