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Mapping the Value of Talent Acquisition

By Jillyan French-Vitet, Global Director, Workforce Strategy Support and Talent Resourcing for the Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group.

TalentAcquisitionAbout a year ago, I was participating in a series of team meetings when I noticed that one question kept resurfacing: “How can we demonstrate the value of talent acquisition?” While the discussion moved to other topics, this question remained unanswered. 

Cost, quality and speed have underpinned the value-proposition of the talent acquisition function for many years. It has been defined by metrics such as productivity, process and channel efficiency, full/sub-cycle time and the results of satisfaction surveys. Yet, it has become clearer to me that ‘value’ in talent acquisition is no longer being adequately communicated and translated to our customer base. We need a new way to demonstrate value beyond the walls of our own function. We need to better articulate how and why talent acquisition contributes to the overall worth of the organizations we work for. 

Here, I make my case for a new kind of value mapping that centers around talent acquisition first and foremost. I aim to show you why I believe that value mapping talent acquisition can deliver better results, with more focused associated costs and impactful communication. 

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