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 How to reach Gen Now 

By Jason S. Morga
October 9th 2013  

By Jason S. MorgaOctober 9th 2013  

There are fundamental reasons why organisations, not just HR departments and HR leaders, must respond to generational issues - and quickly. The fact is, although there is a deluge of anecdotal evidence suggesting that the different generations’ mindsets and approaches to work are worlds apart, we now know that the modern workplace is occupied by a constituency that - across the age spectrum: 

  •  demands flexible conditions and work/life balance 
  •  thrives on collaboration and entrepreneurialism 
  •  craves knowledge and is hungry to distribute it 

Today’s workers need to believe in their employers and perceive meaning in their work, too. Yet, few organisations are adapting to this reality. 

Where once we may have been daunted by the prospect of the much-maligned and little-understood Gen Y making their way up into management roles, our research indicates that this demographic brings a fresh approach to the table. In combination with the experience and knowledge of the generations before them, this could be the exact solution businesses need. Yes, it’s upon us.  Now.  Today. 

The simple truth? If leaders can adapt their mindsets and processes to embrace genuine integration of the learning and leadership styles of Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys, they will bolster their success - and resilience - in the changing world of work. And if nothing else convinces you that this is an issue you cannot escape, remember this simple fact: 


The demographics of our workforces have changed significantly in just the past decade – and it’s a trend that will continue with increasing momentum in the coming decade. Although many older managers may not yet realise it, they are now firmly in the minority. 


Clearly, a multi-generational workforce requires trans-generational solutions: the diversity of experience and knowledge offered by four distinct generational mindsets can provide tangible benefits if leveraged and managed well. The challenge for employers is to embrace the talent mix, tap into it, and use its strengths to deliver operational performance. This challenge will only intensify as the next generation ‘on deck’ is just around the corner, Gen Z.  And LOL, the Ys will get to manage them! 

Now is the time to address generational change in organisations and solve those persistent productivity and efficiency issues that stifle innovation and sustainability. If you're ready to start learning more about leading the multi-generational workforce, download the "Gen Now" ebook now