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How to Attract and Retain Talent - An Industry Perspective on Life Sciences   

LIFE SCIENCE REPORTOur research about what attracts, motivates, and retains workers across different industries brought to light some striking differences. Although there is a strong pattern of voluntary attrition across all industries and regions, the responses of some 170,000 employees, globally, provide valuable insights for employers seeking to retain and engage talent in these sectors. 

This global industry perspective, taken from the 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index findings, provides flight risk and engagement indicators across key industries. From there, we offer an even deeper look into the responses from over 3,000 workers in the Life Sciences sector, providing valuable, candid insight into the contributing factors that guide these workers and their career pursuits. These workers reveal both the specific corporate attributes that attract them to particular jobs, as well as issues concerning job engagement and satisfaction.

The scope of this study also offers a glimpse into employees’ practical reasoning for leaving jobs and a guide to what employers can do to help retain their best performers. 

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