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Finding a job you love: myths and reality

What business can learn from professional sport

It’s rare to hear people get excited about work, isn’t it? For the most part, we accept that lacking passion for our jobs is a ‘normal’ part of people’s lives. But is it? Lack of enthusiasm and passion for your work leads to poor performance, disengagement, turnover, resistance to change efforts, and a negative work culture.

“Passion (or lack of it) is - at its core - a business issue.“ 

If we’re going to improve productivity, innovation and our take-up of ongoing, rapid change in our organisations, we must foster passion in our workplaces, and in every role we create. But how? Isn’t a white-collar-job-that-excites an oxymoronic idea? 

No, not necessarily. It’s a privilege to find a job you love, that’s for sure, but it’s not impossible. And, finding ways to get more enjoyment out of what you’re already doing is just as important— after all, no job is perfect. Here, we explore the myths many of us are (perhaps unwittingly) following in our careers and in the way we lead our organisations, and we discuss some simple lessons from one of the world’s elite athletes to help us all do more of what we love, and love more of what we do.  

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Mike Aigroz