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Clean Up Your Digital Dirt

DIGITAL DIRTWhile the use of social channels to screen potential hires can expose companies to legal pitfalls, and there are many issues around discrimination and privacy that must be considered, companies can and do use social media information to augment the hiring process. 

Some use it well, others may not, but the sheer scale of social media activity means candidates must be aware that in various ways it has become part of the hiring process. 

The time to clean up is now! More than one-quarter of people (26%) are worried that material from their social networking pages could adversely impact their career. There are four basic steps to ensuring your online presence is reflective of the real brand ‘you’, and that it promotes your employability rather than hinders it. 

1. know what's out there and how you appear

2. start thinking differently about what you post and where

3. get active in (the right) new places

4. monitor your presence regularly

What do employers see online that has convinced them not to hire a candidate? What can you do to start clearing out your digital closet? Find out more. Download a full copy of the e-book now

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