Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Candidate Referral Bonus

A referred candidate must not have registered with Kelly Services within the 12 month period prior to being recommended.  This scheme is only intended for the recommendation of candidates with specialist or niche professional skills.

  • The candidate must have commenced their new temporary assignment or permanent role within six months of being referred to Kelly Services.
  • Gift vouchers, or cash equivalent, will be rewarded for referred candidates engaged on:

    • basic salaries (excluding bonus etc) up to £34999 per annum (or pro rata equivalent if on a contract of less than 12 months) - £250
    • basic salaries (excluding bonus etc) on salaries £35000+ per annum (or pro rata equivalent if on a contract of less than 12 months) - £500
  • Kelly Services will determine if gift vouchers or a cash equivalent shall be awarded to those who meet the criteria of this scheme.
  • A placed candidate must continue in our, or our client’s, employment for a minimum period of three calendar months.
  • Any decision taken by Kelly Services that a referral bonus is not due based on failure to meet the terms of the scheme cannot be appealed.
  • No payment outside of this scheme can be paid without the express written consent of the Divisional Director.
  • Kelly Services reserves the right to withhold or delay payment under this referral scheme pending verification of financial accounts.
  • It is your obligation to ensure you advise HRMC of any payment you receive under this scheme if you are not a PAYE worker through Kelly Services.
  • Candidates can be referred by registered candidates of Kelly Services, candidates working for Kelly Services or their clients, and to employees of Kelly Services engaged in support roles only.

This is a non-contractual scheme that can be removed, replaced or amended by Kelly Services at anytime without notice.