Stem Jobs Cultivate Success

Stem Jobs Cultivate Success

Opportunities Are Growing All Around Us.

Faster aircraft. Bolder video games. Better medicines. Technology is advancing every day, and STEM workers make it happen. Without the work of scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians, and other skilled workers, many new products and discoveries would never have come about.

Just as the stem of a plant holds up other structures, STEM jobs are essential to our economy. They affect the way we communicate, work, live, travel, maintain our health, and enjoy our free time. They are an engine for job growth, creating more downstream jobs to fuel the economy.

If STEM jobs are good for the economy, then STEM careers certainly hold great promise for current and future workers. This ebook provides a quick overview of STEM jobs, which are very much alive and growing.

What makes STEM jobs so great?

  • STEM workers enjoy wage premiums
  • STEM workers experience relatively low unemployment
  • There is growing demand for STEM workers across the globe
  • They are often in the most innovative fields, working for the most progressive companies, leading to interesting and challenging work