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Making Social Media 'Work' For You

Social media collides with almost every part of our lives – from announcing breaking news and managing party invitations, right through to the way we search for work. 

There was once a mind-set that some social platforms were for professional life, and others were for social life, but the reality is, they are beginning to blend. From Facebook, to Twitter and LinkedIn, many of us are already using social media to connect with recruiters and potential employers, but using it to your professional advantage can, and often does, take a little practise. 

There are hundreds of social media platforms (‘sites’) in existence and given how prominent social media is, it is likely you are already using some of them, but do you know how to maintain your professional social reputation, for the long term? Do you know how to use social media to boost your professional profile and raise awareness of your specific skills and expertise with the right people? If not, read on — this is now a core skill you simply must have. 

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How to make Social Media work