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Build Your Digital Profile

Digital PortfolioThis is nothing new, it’s just that the ways in which you can do this have changed— and mostly they’ve moved online. However, you don’t need to be a tech genius to sell your skills online. There are many simple and free tools you can use to get started that are no more difficult than building an animated PowerPoint presentation. (And there are plenty of tutorials and tips online to help you if you get stuck!)

Ideally, building a digital portfolio is about demonstrating your ‘brand’ through online activity. It shows employers what you’re passionate about and driven by; how you communicate and engage with others, as well as leadership or innovation in your field. Don’t just blog or post, start building an online portfolio that employers can use to connect with you, understand you and identify the right opportunities for you. 

If there is one golden rule when it comes to building your online portfolio it’s this: brag as much as you like, but be honest and get ready to back it up. Here are our tips to getting started and making it work. 

There are four basic steps to building an online portfolio that will promote your employability, and help you make the case to land a job you really want:

  1. Be proactive and accessible
  2. Understand what your personal brand is, and what it is not
  3. Build trust
  4. Show depth of experience and thought in your area of expertise

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