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5 (Online) Steps to Landing the Job You Want

5 StepsEven when we have a job, most of us are in search mode – we're consistently seeking new ways to expand our skill base, and to land a better role. With this in mind, we all need to find ways to stand out and ‘sell’ what we have to offer to our employer of choice. This idea is nothing new, but the ways in which we do this have changed. 

Social media is being used at an ever-increasing rate to augment and refine the hiring process and how you present online is (at least) as important as how you present in person. For some roles, it is actually more important. So, if you want to stand out from other job seekers, begin to think of your online presence as another kind of resume.  

The five key steps to using both online and offline networking tools to increase your employability are: 

  1. Establish your digital presence, or online ‘brand’ 
  2. Create an employment profile 
  3. Bring job posts to you 
  4. Customise your resume to fit the opportunity 
  5. Talk to a recruiter 

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