Global Talent Market Quarterly 2014 - Q4

Global Talent Market Quarterly 2014 - Q4

The Global Talent Market Quarterly provides a summary of the current economic and labour market conditions around the world and gives insight into how they might impact you. 



The global economy is forecast to accelerate modestly in the short term, with both strengths and risks present in all regions. Positive contributions include healthy economic activity in North America and the U.K., slowly recovering conditions in Europe, and continued high GDP growth across the APAC region.


Solid growth across North America stands in contrast to the volatile economic conditions in South America, where Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil have all seen recessions in 2014.


The European recovery stumbled in mid-2014, but a gradual improvement is expected, with a lift from solid economic growth in the U.K. and Ireland. The Russia-Ukraine conflict and crises in the Middle East are creating pressure on some regional economies.


The elevated regional growth rate in APAC masks significant differentials in trends among key markets, including a slowing trajectory in China, recovery in India, and a steady, moderate rate of expansion in Australia and Japan.



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Global Talent Market Quarterly 2014 - Q4