27 Employer Branding Best Practice Insights

27 Employer Branding Best Practice Insights

Upside Down

That's how employer branding looks and feels right now to those in HR and Marketing.

Many of the old tools and strategies for building an authentic, globally relevant employer brand have been discarded, and new ones are taking over. Both the challenges and opportunities have grown almost in tandem, and it’s all happening at break-neck speed.

One thing is clear: employer branding has changed, dramatically. Our Global Best Practice Xchange (BPX) Roundtable on the subject confirmed it. It was 90 minutes of rigorous discussion with eight seasoned professionals leading the way in employer branding innovation for their organisations. They shared their successes, mistakes and thoughts on their plans for the future.

So, if you are wondering if there’s a better, clearer way to lead your organisation and practice through this change, this guide is for you.