The TruFiles Hire Work Not Workers

The TruFiles Hire Work Not Workers

In the future, paying for work by the outcome will be the norm. Get ready to hire a new breed of transient workers.

TRU uncovered an idea so radical it will dramatically disrupt the field of recruiting over the next 18 months.

And yet, the concept is still so new that most recruiters are not aware of it.
But before we set out to change your mind, we must sketch in some context. In particular, to understand the changing future of recruiting, we must take a detour to study the growing power and influence of the knowledge worker.

Across every business and every industry is a potent demand for professionals whose job it is to aggregate, analyze and report information—or said another way, those who think for a living.

These include traditional professionals such as attorneys, physicians, engineers and scientists, as well as the newer, high-demand jobs in the STEM field such as UX developers, data analysts and designers.

What drives the relentless demand for knowledge workers? They are innovation engines for companies large and small. No longer is competitive advantage dictated by brute scale or capital; companies now gain an edge by out-designing, out-forecasting, out-strategizing – that is, out-thinking their competitors.
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