The TruFiles Gamification

The TruFiles Gamification

Just ahead: using gaming tactics to attract top talent. It's not nearly as crazy as it sounds.

Gamification in the recruiting industry isn’t really about building gaming apps (though it’s been done). Rather, more and more recruiters are interested in how they can borrow user experience tactics from gaming to create better incentives, entertainment and education.

First a look at why gaming’s so red-hot: Gaming is the most popular online activity. In 2012, consumers spent over $20 billion on gaming in the US alone.1 A study by mega-publisher Random House found 56 percent of smartphone users spent over 30 minutes playing a phone-based game per day.2 Contrary to popular opinion, women are also avid users, making up 45 percent of all gamers. And far from being an anti-social activity, 62 percent of gamers say they play games with others, either in-person or online.

All this matters to recruiters because it is shaping the way individuals expect to consume content online—particularly the under-30 crowd, where gaming is much more prevalent. Let’s review some of the gaming tactics businesses are using to make digital content more entertaining and memorable.
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